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Rules and safety information for the motorboat Svanen

  • The captains directions must be followed
  • Everyone must wear a life jacket when outside the cabin
  • Once the boat is moving it is not allowed to walk on the front deck, or the sides of the boat
  • No outdoor footwear in the front cabin
  • Only the captain may use the boats equipment
  • You must tidy up after yourself
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish in the water or to leave it in the nature surroundings
  • It is not allowed to lean over the railings. There is a risk of falling into the water, or dropping glasses, mobile and other personal items in the water.
  • Any damage caused to the boat due to negligence or deliberate action must be compensated
  • You are travelling with us as joint owner, and are therefore responsible for your own actions. So please apply common sense when onboard so as not to place yourself or others in any danger.
  • If any of these rules are breached you may find yourself being returned to land and put in quarantine depending on the severity of your actions.
  • If in any doubt always ask the captain.

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