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Statute for the Boat ownership club 

§ 1 Name and port of registry

Nr. 1. 

The clubs name is Bådejerforeningen Svanen (The boat ownership club; the Swan)

Nr. 2. 

The clubs homeport is Sisimiut

§ 2 The aims of the club

Nr. 1. 

The club’s purpose is to allow its members sailing, fishing, and hunting trips at a lower cost than with normal passenger ships. This is made possible through member’s joint ownership and later their ownership of one or more boats. Because of the joint ownership the club doesn’t have the same expenses as traditional passenger boats have, hence the cheaper costs.

Nr. .2

 To begin with the plan is to buy a 5% share in the boat, Svanen, which belongs to Sisimiut.

§ 3 Membership and subsripctions

Nr. 1.

Membership is open to everyone, provided they comply with, and do not go against membership rules.

Nr. 2.

Membership is open to businesses and individuals alike. Persons under the age of 18 must have a signed consent form from their parent if they are not accompanied on a trip.


Nr. 3.

Persons associated with other passenger boat companies will not be allowed into the membership. This also includes businesses who are affiliated with passenger boat companies.


Nr. 4. 

At the annual general meeting, membership subscriptions will be fixed for the coming year.

The subscription is to be paid to the treasurer at the annual general meeting, or upon your first sailing trip.

Nr. 5. 

The president can exclude members who go against the rules and regulations of the membership. At the next annual general meeting their case may be tried, where popular vote will decide the outcome.


Nr. 6. 

Subscriptions are for one calendar year. For 2010 and 2011 the rates are fixed at kr. 25,- for a person, and kr 250,- for businesses.


§ 4 The annual general meeting

Nr. 1. 

The annual general meeting is the clubs highest authority

Nr. 2. 

The annual general meeting takes place every May. Summons will be issued with at least 3 weeks notice on the web.

Nr. 3. 

The president must receive any suggestions 14 days prior to the annual general meeting.

Nr. 4. 

All present at the annual general meeting have the right to vote. Businesses have one vote. People unable to attend will be able to vote by proxy.

Nr. 5.

The agenda for an annual general meeting, must include the following points:

1 Election of chairperson

     2 Comitte/presidents report

3 Submission and seal of approval of the annual accounts.

4 Fixation of Subscription rates

5 Proposals recieved

6 Election with reference to § 5, nr. 4 and nr. 5

7 Election of deputy board members

8 Election of auditor (can be a union member)

9 Possible election/ appointment of a committee for different projects

10 Other


Nr. 6. 

The annual general meeting must elect a chairperson to lead the discussion.

The annual general meetings decisions must be noted down in the minutes.

Nr. 7.

Popular vote decides the outcome of the annual genera meeting. NB: § 8, Nr. 1.


Nr. 8.

Extraordinary General meetings can be called by a member of the committee, and must take place within the month. An extraordinary General Meeting must also be called if 40% or more of the members hand in a written note, requesting a meeting.


§ 5 Daily management of the club

The daily management of the club is up to the governing board, which consists of min. 2 members, who are elected by the general meeting for a 2-year period.


Nr. 2.

When there are enough members who wish to be part of the governing board, the board must be expanded to 3 or 5 members


Nr. 3.

In the starting up period (until the annual general meeting May 2011) the governing board will be allowed to admit members to the board. The governing board will decide this unanimously.


Nr. 4.

President and secretary are elected in even years


 Nr. 5.

Vice president and treasurer are elected in uneven years.


Nr. 6.

The governing board must lead the club according to the rules and decisions of the general meeting.  


 Nr. 7.

The governing board are free to lay down their own rules of procedure


 Nr. 8.

The governing board only have the power to make decisions if at least have the members are present


 Nr. 9.

The president leads all negotiations; in the event that they are absent the vice president steps in.


 Nr. 10.

In the event that there is a parity of votes, the president’s vote is deciding.


 Nr. 11.

The president is in charge of making sure that all negotiations follow protocol.


Nr. 12.

As soon as there are enough members who wish to be in the governing board, the current board members and main share holders in the boat, Svanen, Louise and Erik Lomholt-Bek, will step out of the governing board.


§ 6 Accounts and audit regulations

Nr. 1. 

The clubs fortune must be kept in an acknowledged financial institution


 Nr. 2.

The financial year is from the 1st January until the 31st December


Nr. 3.

The accounts must be submitted 8 days prior to the general meeting. Accounts submitted must include all vouchers, so each member has the opportunity to look through thoroughly.  


 Nr. 4.

The accounts must be signed by all members of the governing body.



§ 7 Rights of signature for the club

Nr. 1.

The president and treasurer of the club hold the power of the club. However in the event of one of these being absent, two other members of the governing board must sign along with the president or treasurer.



§ 8 Liability


Nr. 1.

The clubs members are not liable for the club economy, unless the refund claim has arisen through court action.


§ 9 Alteration of rules and regulations

Nr. 1.

At any general meeting, if at least 2/3’s of members agree, the rules can be changed.


§ 10 Dissolution

 Nr. 1.

The Club can only be dissolved with a 2/3 majority following 2 consecutive general meetings, of which one must be the annual general meeting.


 Nr. 2.

In the event of dissolution, any profit must go to a charity, which benefits either children’s welfare, or vulnerable groups in society.



The above stated was carried out and passed at the first general meeting on the 13th June 2010.


Erik Lomholt –Bek


Erik Lomholt -Bek



At the first general meeting the following were elected as governing members:

Erik Lomholt- Bek      President

Louise Lomholt – Bek     Treasurer

Sisimiut Boatcharter