You need to be aware of the fact that it is not a passenger boat, and that you are sailing onboard as a joint owner through your joint ownership. Due to this we sail under easier terms which means we save large amounts on boat purchases, insurance and general maintenance, which in turn allows us to sail at 1/3 of normal passenger boat prices.


Does this mean a compromise on safety?

Absolutly not. We only sail in protected waters in the area between Andenfjord and the small settlement of Itilleq, and only when weather conditions are agreeable. Onboard the boats there are life- rafts and jackets, distress rockets, VHF radio, satellite telephone. The boat is designed with a double hull including floats/pontoons.

Our Captain has been sailing in these waters for the past 25years so you will be in safe hands. We sail using the help of map plotters, echo sounders and radars so we can deal with any weather situation. So with the exception of minor details and shipyard classifications, then we live up to the same expectations had from passenger boats.

We have also created an expanded insurance covering accidents and hull damage.