We offer a variety of trips; some with fixed dates so there is a chance to book in advance. We tend to sail as required, so if you have any particular preferences please feel free to ask.

We normally only sail in the evenings, during holidays and on weekends.

The prices are for a boat with captain, so the stated price is divided between those partaking the trip (that means that the more you are, the cheaper the individual price becomes).

However, it is not all our trips that are suitable for many people. For example, there is only room for 4 people to fish from our boats at any one time, but there can be up to 8 passengers. Then again, on a trout fishing trip where the fishing takes place on land, it is possible to be many people as you can just spread down along the coast.

On all our trips it is required that people bring their own provisions and sleeping bags.

You can bring your own fishing and hunting equipment, but it is also possible to rent fishing gear from 100,- per day (plus compensation for loss of gear such as spinner, bait and lure)

It is up to you to ensure you have fishing license and hunting permit for reindeer.

Local residents can obtain fishing licenses at the hunting and fishing advisor, and tourists can obtain fishing license, more information here.

The captain is more than happy to advise on where to fish or hunt, but is unable to give guided tours. You are responsible for whatever you catch an unfortunately we cannot guarantee catch.