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Fishing license for tourists

Guideline to buy Greenlandic fishing licences from Greenland & Denmark

For each fishing licence a bank transfer has to be made from a Greenlandic/Danish bank to the Department of Industry's bank account, webbanking services can be usted (however, only if you do not need your fishing license right away).´

The official money-transfer receipt from the bank is your personal fishing licence, which needs to be carried on you while fishing (the receipt needs to contain the information described below). Webbanking services can therefore only be used if you can wait for the official receipt to mailed to you by your bank.

One of the following amounts is to be transfered to the Department of Industry's bank account:

A: For a 24 hours licence: DKR 75,-
B: For a one week licence: DKR 200,-
C: For a one month licence: DKR 500,-

The money transfer shall include the following reference text, which also has to appear on your receipt:


·                                 1) The first nine characters of your last name - example "Kristians" for Kristiansen

·                                 2) One space

·                                 3) The first three characters in your name - example "Mic" for Michael

·                                 4) One space

·                                 5) The first three characters of the (starting) month you wish the licence to be valid in - example: "jun" for June

·                                 6) One space

·                                 7) The date for the first day you wish the license to be valid from - example "21"

·                                 8) In this case, the text is "Kristians mic jun 21"

Information about the Department of Industry's bank account:

·                                 Name of the Bank: Grønlandsbanken (Bank of Greenland)

·                                 Registration number: 6471 - Account number: 1002160

Best regards

The Department of Industry







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